Made for them, made for you

Audience insights combined with a meaningful understanding of your objectives allow us to craft bespoke solutions for your brand.

Tailored solutions



Sponsored "Favorite Tracks" playlists

Become an official sponsor of "Favorite Tracks" playlists

Target personal playlists created by Deezer users.
Associate your brand with Deezer users' favorite tracks to be as close to your target audience as possible. Integrate your brand into the heart of a user's musical universe:

  • Playlist with your brand colors (Graphic charter + logo in the header)
  • Exclusive advertisement around the playlist (audio exclusivity). Available on mobile

Sponsored Deezer editorial playlists

Become an official sponsor of editorial playlists on Deezer.

Associate your brand image with music by connecting to a specific genre or mood to develop brand preference.

  • Logo and brand identity on the playlist page, on mobile and desktop
  • Exclusive advertising around the playlist

Sponsored listening

Sponsor an ad-free session for your audience and create a lasting impression.

  • An instant 100% music moment announced by an audio spot
  • An exclusive branded presence throughout the session

Target your sponsored listening session around:

  • A regular meeting
  • A time slot
  • Special occasion: Mother's Day, Christmas
  • A brand event: product launch, anniversary


Success stories

The beer offered a premium Happy Hour listening session to their fans Find out more 5
Sonos sponsored 24 hours of premium listening to celebrate the new year Find out more 5
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Sponsored Playlist

Help your audience better connect to your brand through association with music. Our users like to discover new-to-them music and predominantly use playlists to do this, so this allows you to natively align your brand alongside a playlist for a seamless experience.

We can create two types of playlists for you:

  1. Curated Playlist: Our Editors create a bespoke playlist for you.
  2. Collaborative Playlist: Get your fans in on the act

Success stories

To bring their users together, Decathlon wanted to create and host a collaborative playlist for Running Days Find out more 5
Starbucks does winter like no-one else, and we created a branded playlist to promote their seasonal products Find out more 5

Tailormade experience

From in-app applications to microsites and editorial platforms, our in-house team can develop a content-rich, tailormade experience that you can build a wider campaign around.

Success stories

Discover Colombia through music with the Sabrosura InApp Find out more 5

Branded content

Co-create exclusive content to totally immerse your audience in your brand:

  • video
  • musical
  • podcasts

We work with your team to create bespoke engaging content and host it on Deezer.

Success stories

Podcasts about collaborative consumption Find out more 5
We turned a Ford Fiesta into a live music recording studio Find out more 5


Bridge the gap between online and real life with an event campaign. As more and more consumers rate experiences over marketing as motivators for increased brand preference, bringing unique experiences to your audience is a crucial part of any campaign.

Our team works with yours to craft an engaging event that links your brand with the world of music.

Success stories

We integrated the Loverdose perfume into a major musical event Find out more 5
To launch their new collection we put on Le Grand Soir, a resplendent celebration including an intimate showcase Find out more 5

Branded profile

Curated and managed profiles to establish and build your brand's presence through music.

Success stories

We created a profile for the brand to speak to their users through music and reinforce their identity Find out more 5

Interactive Media

Bespoke interactive experiences with lots of space for rich media in order to drive engagement with your brand.

Develop commitment, curiosity and prolong contact through creative media format

Success stories

We created an interactive takeover so users can find which character from the film they're most like Find out more 5