Made for them,
made for you

Audience insights combined with a meaningful
understanding of your objectives allow us to
craft bespoke solutions for your brand.

Media Solutions

A premium partner: We offer a brand-safe, 100% logged-in environment with certified targeting accuracy and high completion rates.


Your message,
direct to their ears

Find what your fans
are fans of

Context is king

When you know who your audience is, how old they are, where they are and what language they’re most comfortable with, you can be certain your message reaches the people who matter.

Is your audience into Rap or Hip Hop? Chillout or Workout? We can help you find your audience, and position your brand through their favorite music.

Speak to your audience when and on the device they’ll be most receptive to your message.


Direct & Programmatic sales

Deezer is a premium partner. We offer a completely controlled, brand-safe environment, with a fully logged-in audience. Our teams are here to find the best advertising solutions in direct or programmatic sales.

Direct sales

Buying directly not only gives you access to all the main formats, but it also opens up major additional extras such as our 1st contact package, takeovers and exclusive periods.

Programmatic sales

Private deals or open auctions, programmatic direct or programmatic guaranteed, however you want to buy, our dedicated team is ready for you. We are plugged into the main DSPs with a wide range of formats and targeting options.




Multidevice Audio AdBreak

For most people, listening is a personal experience on headphones. Our non-skip audio ads deliver your message with full attention of that moment. A clickable banner can also be included when bought directly.

  • Audio spot of 30 seconds
  • Available in direct and programmatic


Desktop: audio + 728x90
Mobile, Tablet: audio + 1024x1024


Desktop Billboard

With our Desktop Billboard enhance your message's impact with a high quality standard IAB format

  • Available in direct and programmatic

Desktop: 970x250

Multidevice Banner

A tried and tested integrated format at the heart of Deezer content. An ideal format to increase the reach of a media plan.

  • Available in direct and programmatic

Desktop: 728x90
Mobile : 300x50 or 640x100 or 320x50
Tablet : 768x90 or 1024x90


Desktop Video AdBreak

A large format video unit that plays once every 3 streams and only when the user has an active screen

  • Maximum completion rate
  • 30 seconds video only
  • Available in direct and programmatic

Desktop: 1024x576

Video Format 16/9 or VAST/VPAID tag

Mobile Video

Engage your audience with a premium pre-roll ad format, which launches before the first listening session of audio content, and happens only once per session.

  • Respectful to the user: Non-skippable video that lasts a maximum of 30", with an option to skip the ad after viewing for a minimum of 6"
  • Full screen display in both landscape and portrait mode while viewing the ad
  • Available in direct and programmatic

Native Ads

Entertainment and music-based campaigns can be highlighted in the heart of Deezer's musical recommendations as a natural integration in the user's journey

  • Native Ads are located within the homepage of the app
  • Available in direct and programmatic

Mobile: 1200x627
Tablet: 1200x627