We turned a Ford Fiesta into a live music recording studio

To launch the new Ford Fiesta, we made a series of videos transforming the car into a real recording studio with cameras and microphones arranged all over the interior. Salomé Lagresle from The Voice welcomed each artist for a unique performance. Joe Bel, Christophe Maé, Synapson and Ben l'Oncle Soul transformed a title from their latest albums in a totally new way.

We amplified the content with a field activation during the "My Deezer Festival" tour. In Nantes, Lyon and Marseille, a Car-aoké was set up to invite festival-goers to sing in the New Ford Fiesta and to make an exclusive video of their musical performances and then share it on social networks.

} 2 months: June / July 2017


 Branded Content & Event: Video creation, Field animation: Car-aoké