Lutti has partnered up with Deezer to create the tailormade web experience called Sweet 90s.

In order to promote Arlequin candy to Internet users born in the 90s, Lutti and Deezer have developed a 'Sweet 90s' web platform, designed in old-fashioned candy shop colors.

This unique dedicated space brings us back to the 90s with:

  • a special 90s blind test
  • a playlist generator
  • 90s playlists

Mobile and desktop displays have been made to reach Deezer Free users with this campaign.
Influencers have also promoted this platform on social media.

Blind test participants are eligible to win a PlayStation Classic, Deezer Premium subscription, as well as Lutti candies and products.

}17/04/2019 to 16/06/2019


Tailormade experience