Discovering new talent with Ibis

Ibis is unearthing new talent to the delight of its customers.

After live performances in hotels and music playlists, Ibis continues to be all about the music.

As an example of its promise “For you who love that extra touch”, Ibis offers its customers and Deezer users the opportunity to discover up-and-coming artists in the new French scene. This initiative, spearheaded by StoryLab creative agency, has enabled Ibis to sponsor 12 artists in 2018.

Ibis chose to advertise on Deezer with multidevice audio spots. Each spot will feature an excerpt from one of these new talents’ tracks. Display and native ad formats are included in the package. In addition, these artists will also be featured in the playlists of IBIS hotels.

16/04/2018 – 24/10/2018

 France

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