Shower to music with I Love Bio and Deezer

I Love Bio, a brand part of the group Léa Nature, has partnered with both Deezer and the agency Values Media to create a dedicated space for the colors of their brand.

The goal of this space is to promote shower gel and shampoo from "I Love Bio".

The Deezer Team has put together a fun and colorful space that allows users to choose their ideal, daily "Shower Playlist" based on their mood of the day: "tropic mood", "love is in the air", "let's escape"… The idea of this is that each mood connects to one of the products from the I Love Bio brand.

This space also has the "Shower Lover" blind-test and contest that gives participants the chance to win Deezer Premium subscriptions and I Love Bio products.

This platform also includes a multidevice media plan that promotes the plan to Deezer users.

}05/25/2020 - 07/18/2020


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