Look great with L’Oréal Paris and music

Enjoy a music-filled detox with L’Oréal Paris.

For an instant skin detox, L’Oréal Paris launched a new multi-masking range with three different coloured masks, each with different effects.

To reach out to millennials and engage with them, Deezer and L’Oréal Paris created the Instadetox In-App. This app included tutorials and other information about the masks, a music quiz with the possibility of winning Pure Clay products and Deezer Premium subscriptions, as well as three playlists for three different moods (Food Addict, Party Addict, Sport Addict).

Whatever your profile, enjoy a detoxing musical moment thanks to L’Oréal Paris.

}01/09/2016 – 15/10/2016


Tailormade experience