Study for the French baccalaureate without missing the French Open thanks to BNP Paribas

To help prospective graduates avoid having to make the difficult choice between studying for the baccalaureate and watching matches of the long-awaited French Open, BNP Paribas and Deezer came up with the innovative #ReviseAvecRG [#StudyWithTheFO] campaign. Via a live feed, high school students could watch the match, commentated live by Norman [Genius] Chatrier, while studying at the same time. And indeed, commentators of a rather different sort tied the matches in with baccalaureate subjects: whether philosophy, maths, English, history, geography or economics, no subject was left out.

A series of 14 exclusive podcasts was also launched to complement the live shows and physically and mentally prepare future graduates for their own match point.

}31/05/2018 – 10/06/2018


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